An Isolation Transformer is 1:1 ratio transformer. It has a copper foil shielding in between primary and secondary winding.

Our Product Range

  • Isolation Transformer
    • Isolation Transformer 1:1
    • Step Down Isolation Transformer 2:1
    • Step Up / Customised Transformer
    • Ultra Isolation Trasnformer
    • K – Rated Trasnformer


  • It protects the output load from spikes/surges or any other noise which occurs in the main supply.
  • The spikes being high voltage transient should not be allowed to enter the load as it may damage the precious equipments.
  • The other purpose of this isolation transformer is to minimize the neutral floating current and give pure output voltage.


  • Computer Servers
  • CNC Equipments
  • Medical Equipments
  • Lab Equipments
  • Micro processor based equipments
  • Aerospace, Defence equipments

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