Line chokes

chokes produce an inductance that is measured in Single Phase & Three Phase drivers or controls extra. The chokes are connected in the mains supply to inverter. Three phase line chokes allows to reduce harmonic that occurs when the main is rectified to create a DC link.


  • Protection of AC Drive.
  • Protection of Servo Drive.
  • Protection of AC Motors to reduce the starting currents.
  • Protection of DC Motors Armature reduces the high spark of committer.
  • Protection of thruster from peak current.


  • Increases Drive System Reliability
  • Filters Power Line Disturbances
  • Reduces Harmonics
  • Reduces Surge Currents
  • Reduces dv/dt
  • Extends transistor life
  • Reduces Motor Noise and Temperature
  • Reduces voltage doubling effects
  • Absorbs Power Line Spikes