At Micron Systems, we aim our projects towards more sustainable energy solutions. Our services are inclined towards a greener and cleaner planet through power audits and related services. We make sure that our clients gain from an increased life of machines, reliable electrical network, and enhanced electrical infrastructure which ultimately results in significant energy savings, lesser downtime due to equipment failure, and reduced carbon emission. Your organization can benefit from an optimized electrical network and avoid penalties.

Warranty Repair

We undertake repairs and services of our equipment under warranty.


Don’t worry if your expensive equipment has gone out of warranty. We undertake repairs of equipment that are outside warranty too. We provide original spare parts and high-quality repair services.

Annual Maintenance Contract – AMC

For timely repairs and uninterrupted operations, we offer cost-efficient Annual Maintenance Contracts to our esteemed customers.


We supply OEM spares for our equipment. The high quality standards of our manufacturing processes and our flawless servicing has gained us many esteemed clients in this field.



We undertake technical inspection and help the client to decide the correct rating of our product range.


Oil Filtration is a must at least once in 3 years to keep oil cooled stabilizers running optimally. We undertake periodic maintenance of your machines, including Oil Filtration to ensure that they work perfectly under extreme condition.


Changing the stale oil of stabilizer is the key to enhancing its life and performance. The oil of the stabilizer gets contaminated as carbon sets inside over period. The stale oil leads to wear and tear and can result in a damaged carbon brush. This in turn will affect the performance of the stabilizer and sometimes even rusts the stabilizer parts. This is where we come to rescue. We undertake oil change services for your stabilizers making sure that they never let you down even when overworked.