We offer customized total SOLAR based solution for power back-up – freedom from power cuts & high Generator cost!!

Most Indian cities are blessed with sun shines for more than 330 days in a year and use of solar energy has become imperative to answer your load shedding problems. Petrol pump owners have immensely benefited by switching to solar energy


  • Can be used on pre installed inverters
  • Economic, Smaller, hybrid systems with battery banks
  • Huge saving on monthly expenditure on consumption of diesel used in DG sets
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • No voltage fluctuations
  • Can work in synchronization with Grid & DG sets
  • Least maintenance
  • Easily expandable at minimal costs
  • Income tax benefits


  • Number of nozzles to be operated & number of hours
  • Rating of nozzle motor?
  • External lighting to be included?
  • Office lighting to be included?
  • Canopy lighting (LED) conversion along with SOLAR?

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