Micron Oil Cooled Stabilizers having unique features of Bus bar connections for power circuits instead of cables for better Conductivity and Reliability.

Micron three phase oil cooled stabilizers used as centralized power source for Garments, CNC, textiles, Printing, Hospital industries.


  • Easy Programmable Micro Controller circuit  for
    • Output voltage set
    • Output regulation
    • Under Voltgae Cut off
    • Over Voltage Cut off
    • Electronic Overload Protection
    • ON Time delay
    • OFF Time Delay
    • Single Phase Prevention
  • Indoor and Outdoor Model available


Centralized Stabilizer Power  For

  • Garment Industry & Textile Industry
  • Printing / Packing Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Hotel & Resort
  • Wood & Furniture Industry
  • Educational , Hospitals  & Laboratory Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Show Rooms
  • Apartments/Complex/ Villa.
  • CNC Machine Shop

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